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Hey everyone! Tivoli GM time. Ok, I LOVE this bag! I know, I know, I love all my bags but this one takes the cake. I had to make myself switch out. That's a big deal for me LOL. I got tons of questions about this bag. Hope this helps. If i missed anything, just ask in the comments :)
Thank you for watching!!
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Lee Lee LV : Tiff every time I carry this bag , I swear women stop me , there really are so many that have never seen it ! I think women love it because it has such a feminine touch to it ! You are part of the reason I truly went for this bag , I loved how it looked on you and Thank god you were the 1 who talked me out of selling mine !!! Girl I will never let this one go , I know that today for sure ! They don’t make them like this anymore ! There is just something with the attention to detail on this style bag that differs from so many others !! I absolutely still love mine to death ! I honestly have never seen this bag in a replica before in all my years living in NY , atleast if I did , like you said I had no clue lol . Only replica I’ve ever seen was the one Autumn has and I could tell right away it was a replica , I’m guessing your friends was a much better replica than that one if it was hard to tell ! Great review thanks for sharing ! Thanks for talking me into not letting this beauty go too !!! ! ASMR ! I love the sound of the zipper pull Charm too when it dangles lol !
Saudi Smith : I missed out on this bag and I think its one of the most beautiful beautiful bags Louis Vuitton had ever made. I would love to see them reintroduce some of their discontinued pieces, but wishful thinking. Nice to hear your thoughts and get close up shots of it.
lvluxegirl : Great review. I’ve always loved this bag. One of my favorite bags. Definitely going to add her to my collection again eventually as well. Tfs. You look so pretty today
N E : This was the first LV I bought & it still looks new after >10 years! Tiny bags are in right now, but if I'm going to spend over $1,000 on a bag, it'll be big, loud and proud!
idajene : I’m still waiting for mine to come in the mail! Watching your unboxing and your older videos made me want this! I too, wanted the PM size (I had so many favorited on FASHIONPHILE lol) but I really like BIG bags!
On another note, I actually bought those charcoal bags when you recommended them on one of your other videos. Fast forward, I bought a pre-loved bag that WREAKED of cigarette smell! the previous owner didn’t tell me!! But I really wanted that particular bag. I used it once, the smell bothered me so much so I just threw in one of those charcoal bags, closed up the bag and forgot about it. So it’s been sitting for months. Someone on a FB Buy, sell, Trade group I’m in was looking for that particular bag. And since I didn’t use it and the smell got to me I decided to sell it. I did mention that it smelled of cigarette smoke from the previous owner but the interested buyer didn’t mind, and wanted to see more pics. So I took it out to take pics, low and behold THERE WAS NO SMELL . I’ve heard that no matter what you do, YOU CANNOT get rid of cigarette smell. But I KID YOU NOT, it did not smell. I was so shocked, I asked my Boyfriend and my son to smell it. I asked them what it smelled like. They said nothing. It smells like leather. (It was an unlined full grain leather backpack). I was like “ARE YOU SURE? You don’t smell like cigarette smoke or anything??!!” They were like “NO, are you high?? It just smells like leather!” . So anyways , I sold it, the person that received it said there was no trace of cigarette smell whatsoever! So those charcoal bags work wonders! I’m not saying that I guarantee it will get all cigarette odors out, but I swear the bag I had WREAKED of cigarettes and not one person but THREE other people couldn’t smell it after I kept that charcoal bag in there the entire time I had the bag. ‍♀️.

So again, THANK YOU for persuading me into buying this bag AS WELL as those CHARCOAL BAGS because they certainly do work for me!! Also, love your reviews!! And I truly value your opinion!! You’re still as down to earth and as honest as when I first stumbled upon your channel. (Which was YEARS ago)

Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM

Happy Mail Thursday with the pre owned Louis to add to my collection!
Chanel’s Channel : I wholeheartedly agree with you about this bag. I loveee mine to the moon & back. Very sturdy, highly functional, unique but an under rated bag- sadly enough.
Griffith_family_farm : The Tivoli is so beautiful! It's one of the styles that looks better with age/patina. I had one and sold it years ago bc of zipper, but maybe I'll find it preloved again! Which did you decide to keep?
Lee Lee LV : Totally agree that this bag , it is so underrated indeed ! I still have and love mine ! I get the most compliments when I’m carrying this bag for sure ! Enjoy it whichever you decide to keep thanks for Sharing !
determine tobe : Ooooo thanks so much for sharing this! I’m getting ready to see if I can find one! By the way I’m still LOVING my Gillio!! ❤️❤️
Hope Dawkins : Great video...I'm currently looking to find this bag in great condition. I hope I find one as good as you did

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