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mima - xari Instruction video

mima xari demonstration video

mima xari demonstration video 2012\r
Featuring a mima xari cosmo\r
For more information visit: www.mimakids.com\r
Read our "making of" blog here: http://mimakidsblog.com/post/18377120356/the-making-of-the-mima-videos
Lady caju : Love this stroller it’s like having a designer bag but for your baby
Londiwe Madikizela : The best gift I ever gave myself as a mother. Baby and I get so many compliments and attention! I obviously didn't buy it so I can blend in... I've had it for 7 months but still obsessed with it, hence I'm watching a demo
SM : This is great. Only thing is the part where the carrycot was inserted into the seat was completely left out. I had to figure that part myself since my husband was the one to put the stroller together initially. It may be helpful to other users to add this piece of information right before the 5 min mark.
mimakids : Good morning,
The pushchair is widely available across Europe and can also be found in Russia, Australia, South Africa, Korea, Israel and Iran. Retailer and distributor information can be found on mimakids.com
Thanks for watching!

Stokke Xplory X Stroller Versus MIMA Xari Stroller

Gina does an in-depth comparison of the brand new Stokke Xplory X Pram Stroller with the MIMA Xari Stroller.

The new Stokke Xplory X features upgraded fabrics, larger basket and bright new vibrant colors with the new 2021 Stokke Xplory Model.
Lauren : Thank you, I found this really helpful. I’ve been set on the Mima since before I found out I was pregnant but the more I research, I think I need to consider other prams. I just really want a nice looking one and find lots are pretty ugly x
Megan 90 : Who would want a separate carrycot! More things to store in the house, and what they have done with the design is really good! Well thought out pram!
Jordi : Thanks for the comparison
Megan 90 : That brown pram is absolutely tragic! ‍ awful!
J P : You guys need a tripod for the camera....all I could hear was the cameraman breathing.




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